Detailing accessories

Detailing Brushes

a meticulousness and smoothness work.

Koala Wheel Brush

For sensitive areas and remote corners, achieving the best results.

Detailing brushes and premium brushes that clean the most complicated areas of the vehicle. Firmness and smoothness bristles that can be adapted to all spaces, no matter how small they are. Fabricated with ergonomic and specific materials. Perfect to work on the exterior or interior of the car.

Detailing Brush

Koala Small

100% Natural Boar Detailing Small Brush


Koala Boar Detailing Brush Small

Detailing Brush

Koala Medium

100% Natural Boar Detailing Medium Brush

Koala Boar Detailing Brush Medium

Soft Brush

Koala Leather and Dashboard

Finished in wood. Firmness and flexibility natural bristles ideal to clean leather, leaving no scratches.

Koala Leather and Dashboard Brush Koala Car Care

Wheel Brush

Koala Wheel Brush

Ergonomic brush, with rubber grip and handguard that facilitates the cleaning of the car wheels

Koala Wheel Brush

Detailing brush


Koala Multi Purpose Brush

Essential detailing brush designed to offer a more effective cleaning.

Koala Multi Purpose Brush


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