We are detailing enthusiast form more than 13 years now, we had discover and tried many washing car care products.


Koala Car Care is born from the experience in detailing of Car Care Europe Company, firmly established in the sector since 2005. After years of tests, demonstrations and hard work we have decided to take a step forward and offer to the fans and detail professionals, a a line of unique accessorie in this sector.

“We have seen and used a wide variety of products and accessories in this market. We are wise knowing the specific needs that each task requires and the efforts involved. We recently decided to take a step forward and create this brand, we want to offer quality products at a reasonable price. With great care, Koala Car Care was born.”

Our goal is to design and manufacture high quality accessories, which help everybody in the task of washing and detailed cleaning of the vehicle. We stand ot for offering premium products at a reasonable price.

The choice of materials has been meticulous. We develop the highest quality materials for an efficient, delicate work . Besides chemical, humidity and weather resistant accessories.

Koala Car Care accessories • A shared passion


We continue advancing thanks to great dealers.


Koala Car Care offer several selling points in Spain and Europe and we keep growing…


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